Since the music player was updated a few weeks ago, songs take significantly more time to load and play in Chrome. You can’t check your email, research pages for work and school don’t load, and even when you just want to have a bit of fun with an internet game or Buzzfeed article you’re cut off. My colleague recently got windows 8 operating system on his HP pavilion laptop and he installed Google chrome because it was his favorite browser and most of the time he was using this awesome Google product. Unfortunately Google chrome started responding slowly and webpages got stuck somewhere in the middle but the same time all those webpages are opening very fast in IE,Firefox,Safari and other browsers.

If they are, update DNS settings and check your network card drivers or internet speed. Many aspects on Google Chrome will affect the processing speed of Chrome, such as too many opened Chrome tabs, extensions, chrome settings like hardware acceleration, and of course, Chrome itself. You need to take more time to wait for Chrome to load a webpage. For faster Chrome, you need to move on to fix this Chrome running slow error on Windows 10. Of course, if any of your other browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera runs slowly as MKV Codec download Windows 10 well, the solutions hold true for them as well. And not only Chrome but all the major browsers will retire flash in coming months.

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  • Flat network architecture has several advantages, including minimal overhead to maintain the infrastructure and the potential for the discovery of multiple routes between communicating nodes for fault tolerance.
  • Clustering has potential to reduce energy consumption and extend the lifetime of the network.
  • The sensor nodes are usually scattered in a sensor field as shown in Fig.
  • The cluster head is responsible for coordinating activities within the cluster and forwarding information between clusters.
  • In this class of protocols, network nodes are organized in clusters in which a node with higher residual energy, for example, assumes the role of a cluster head.

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I only had one extension running turned it off, cleared cache, rebooded computer …no improvement. I have turned on and off logging into my google account on opening chrome – no effect. However, once chrome is loaded, I would say it is as fast as ever. Launching in Windows 8 mode basically keeps the browser open so seems faster than launching from desktop. The slow performance of Google chrome on windows 8 may be due to the compatibility issues or may be some plugin and extensions issue with windows8.Hope Google will soon fix those issues! Any way here we sorted out the best possible ways to speed up your chrome especially on windows 8. I have a decade old HP Invent computer with Windows 7 and I regularly use the Windows Task Manager to check on my performance.

So if you are still using Flash then it might cause the slow page loading issue in Chrome. Although Flash is blocked by default starting with Chrome 76, but if for any reason you still haven’t updated Chrome then you need to manually disable Flash. Since nothing is perfect and everything has some flaws, the same is the case with Google Chrome. Although, Chrome is said to be one of the fastest web browsers but it seems like users are facing an issue where they are experiencing slow page loading speed. And sometimes the page doesn’t even load which is making the users very frustrated. One reason why Chrome slows down is that you have too many tabs open at a time in this browser. To speed up the Chrome browser, you must make sure you only keep those tabs active that you actually use.

I was running chrome at the time and had the task manager open next to it. The cpu was running 100% and I couldn’t figure out why, so I consulted the task manager to see 5 instances of chrome running. Even after closing chrome my cpu didn’t slow down so I decided to restart my computer. Upon restart my cpu instantly began to overload at best guess, the back fan just kept getting faster and faster until I cut the power by manually shutting down from the power button. I have it running fine now but this scared me a bit since I have a lot of my personal work on this computer.